The aim of these pages is to give pointers to information about the Talyllyn Railway for modellers of the narrow-gauge scene, principally by detailing sources of drawings of Talyllyn locos, carriages, wagons, buildings etc., and kits of TR locos and rolling stock

Talyllyn Railway Drawings from Other Sources

This list is rather bitty, there are undoubtedly more drawings that have been published.  If you know of additions or corrections to this list, please Contact Us to let us know about them.

  • Boyd: Talyllyn Railway
    • ‘Talyllyn’ and ‘Dolgoch’ in pre-preservation condition; Brown Marshall (Nos. 1-3) and Lancaster (No. 4) carriages; Guard’s van (5); most varieties of wagon; some drawings of track components and pointwork.
  • Boyd: Narrow Gauge Railways in Mid-Wales
    • Locos 3 and 4 in Corris condition; Corris goods brake van (TR No. 6); several varieties of Corris wagons; Locos 1 and 2 in pre-preservation condition; Loco 6 (side view only); carriages 1, 4 and van 5; several varieties of TR wagon.
  • ‘Railway Modeller’ magazine
    • September 1991, pp. 392-395. Loco 7 ‘Tom Rolt’, 7mm/ft.
    • December 1990. Abergynolwyn 1969 station building.
    • July 1965, pp. 182-185. 2mm/ft drawings of Wharf station as built, Pendre workshops and old (south) carriage shed, Pendre station building, Rhydyronen station, Dolgoch station and old water tower, Abergynolwyn village incline winding house.
  • Talyllyn Handbook
    • Track layouts of most stations.
  • Model Railway News
    • Feb. 1967, Loco No. 6 “Douglas”
    • Sept. 1965, Loco No. 1 “Tal-y-llyn”, carriages Nos. 1, 2, 3, brake van, wagons and vans, details etc.

Rolling Stock Kits

Various kits have been produced, for assembling models of Talyllyn Railway rolling stock. This page aims to list those we are aware of; contact details are given where known but unfortunately, we are unable to advise on retail outlets selling these products.

7mm to 1 Foot Scale

Many thanks to the late Mervyn Axson and others for this information.

Loco kits

  • No 1 ‘Talyllyn’: Body only kit from PECO which needs Branchlines or Wrightlines chassis
  • No 2 ‘Dolgoch’: Complete kit available from Wrightlines
  • No 4 ‘Edward Thomas’: Complete kit available from Wrightlines (kit will build Corris or early TR version)
  • No 5 ‘Midlander’: Complete kit available from Wrightlines

Goods vehicles

  • Flat wagon/chassis
  • 2-plank open
  • 2-bar slate
  • Iron open, end door
  • Gunpowder van
  • Splay-sided open wagon
  • Rubbish/incline wagon


  • 4-wheel Brown, Marshall Coach


  • All goods and passenger kits from Wrightlines, new address: A.B.S. MODELS. 39 Napier Road, Hamworthy, Poole,
    Dorset. BH15 4LX. Tel 01202 672891
  • Other address : PECO, Pritchard Patent Product Co., Beer, Devon (from whom the Branchlines Chassis may also be obtained).

5.5mm to 1 Foot Scale

Many thanks to David Etheridge and Malcolm Savage for this information.

The following kits are available from the 5.5mm Association:

  • Loco No. 2 “Dolgoch” (Static kit only; working chassis can be supplied, but to order only.)
  • Original coaches and brake van
  • Slate wagon
  • 2 plank open wagon
  • Wagon chassis
  • Corris Railway carriage (TR No.17)
  • 3-bar slate wagon
  • Corris mail wagon
  • TR iron open

Plans for kits of Corris Railway locos and stock are under way.

Futher details of the kits and the 5.5mm Association are available from: Malcolm Savage, 28 Whitegates Crescent, Willaston, Neston. L64 2UX.

4mm to 1 foot Scale

Many thanks to David Stringer, Colin Lea, and Allen Doherty for this information.

Parkside Dundas

  • DM11 Coach bogies
  • DM12 Coach seats
  • DB13 Bogie coach chassis
  • DM29 Two compartment Glyn Valley coach
  • DM37 Hudson V tipper wagon

Chivers Finelines

  • RC34 “Edward Thomas” 0-4-2ST. Requires Bachmann 0-4-0 chassis
  • RC35 “Sir Haydn” 0-4-2ST (after modifications to cab etc.). Requires Ibertren chassis


  • GL4 “Dolgoch” 0-4-0WT. Requires Arnold 0-6-0 chassis
  • GL5 “Douglas” 0-4-0WT. Requires Arnold 0-4-0 chassis
  • GL10 TR bogie coach 23 (also 20 & 21 before recent wheelchair saloon conversions)
  • GL11 TR bogie brake coach 22

Meridian Models

  • MM3 “Midlander” Ruston diesel 0-4-0. Requires Minitrix 0-6-0 chassis
  • MM4 “Talyllyn” 0-4-2ST. Requires Ibertren chassis
  • MM7 Early “Edward Thomas” 0-4-2ST. Requires Bachmann 0-4-0 chassis
  • MPM3/1 Penrhyn workman’s coach (early TR preservation)
  • MPM12 TR coach No. 4 (Lancaster)
  • MPM14 Lancaster chassis
  • MPM17 Brown Marshall chassis
  • MPM18 TR brake van No. 5 (Brown Marshall)

Mike’s Models

  • 2 TR Brown Marshall 4 wheel coach (No. 1, 2, 3)
  • 2B As above but no chassis
  • 44 TR ex-Corris coach No. 17
  • 44B As above but no chassis
  • ? TR 2 bar slate wagon

Nine Lines

  • NL24 TR Brown Marshall coach (No. 1, 2, 3) [model is straight sided]
  • NL243 3 kits of above


  • 34500 Tip wagon (ready to run)

Rodney Stenning

  • RS03 Corris or early TR “Sir Haydn” 0-4-2ST. Requires Ibertren or Bachmann 0-4-0 chassis
  • T01 TR wagon chassis
  • T02 5 of above
  • T03 TR two plank open wagon
  • T35 5 of above
  • T04 TR iron end door wagon
  • T45 5 of above
  • T05 TR incline wagon
  • T55 5 of above
  • T06 TR splay sided wagon
  • T65 5 of above
  • T07 TR ex-Corris brake van No. 6
  • T08 TR 2 bar slate wagon
  • T10 TR bolster/flat wagon
  • T105 5 of above
  • T11 Dolgoch water tower
  • T12 TR gunpowder van
  • T13 Pack of T3, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • T14 TR 3 bar slate wagon
  • T15 5 of above
  • T16 Pack of 3xT8, 2xT14
  • T19 Etched plates for loco No. 3
  • T20 TR oval buffers
  • C30 TR ex-Corris end door wagon
  • C31 5 of above
  • C32 TR ex-Connor side door wagon
  • C33 5 of above

Worsley Works

  • 1/2 Brown Marshall (inc underframe) 14’6″ 1866/7 4 wh £11.00
  • 3 Brown Marshall (inc underframe) 13’6″ 1866 4 wh £11.00
  • 9 Rebuild on WG Allen frame 23’6″ 1968 Bogie £12.50
  • 10 Brake rebuild on WG Allen frame 23’6″ 1967 Bogie £12.50
  • 14/15 First Ex Glynn Valley Rebuilt 11’8″ 1957/8 Bogie £8.00
  • 17 Ex Corris Coach 21’6″ 1898 Bogie £13.00
  • 18 TR Built 30’6″ 1965 Bogie Price TBA
  • 19 Composite Coach 30′ 1969 Bogie £12.50
  • 20/21/23 Third Class Coaches 28’2″ 1970’s Bogie £12.50
  • 22 Brake 30′ 1972 Bogie £12.50

Other Suppliers

TR transfers can be obtained from Blackham Transfers, Strouel, 9 Benar View, BLAENAU FFESTINIOG, Gwynedd, LL41 3UT, Phone & Fax: 01766 832003, E-Mail: [email protected]. Blackham transfers in 5.5mm scale are available from Malcolm Savage (address above) rather than directly. Glyn Valley coach transfers are supplied through the Glyn Valley Tramway Association.

Some number and name plates can be obtained from Golden Arrow.

Cromar White – a leading UK supplier to the enthusiast and model engineer clubs.

Laser cut kits of TR Passenger Rolling Stock in 16mm to 1ft scale (1:19) are now available from: Triassic Model Works, 140 Islip Manor Road, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 5ED. Email: [email protected]. The kits for the Lancaster, Brown Marshalls 1st or 3rd, and Brown Marshalls Compo. Coaches and the Brown Marshalls Brake Van as in the immediate pre-preservation era, all contain laser cut plywood parts for the body, glazing material and whitemetal axlebox castings. The choice of door furniture, buffers, drawgear and wheels is left to the builder.

You can see models of Talyllyn locomotives and rolling stock on the Llechfan Garden Railway