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Objective – to resleeper five lengths and improve the horizontal alignment of the rails using the crow. The crow we now use can be used much closer to the ends of the rails than previously.

Location – Just east of the down Whistle Board for Tynllwyn Hen


(4 people available for work)

We were able to make an early start delivering the tools, installing the alignment pins and removing fixings and fishplates. The weather was nothing special however it was dry.


(10 people available for work)

The lane to Brynglas was blocked by contractors so we had to wait for them clear a way through for us or back up and go through Dolaugwyn farm and across the fields. First we moved the S&T cable clear of operations before placing the 10 rails onto the north side verge with the rail movers. The displaced sleepers were rolled onto the south side verge between the new ones. The sleepers dating from the 1930’s were all ex LT tunnel section Jarrah sleepers rejected due to broken off fixings in them.

Others worked further west removing other ex LT sleepers that were past their sell by date. The mini digger was used to lower the formation ready for the new sleepers. By the close of play most of the replacement sleepers were in place with the rails loosely laid on them and two of the lengths crowed to shape. A couple of joints had also been remade as well. I also took time out to go with Geraint Micah to inspect the slip site on the path between the station and the footbridge at Nant Gwernol. The weather was much better.

A lenght of railway line with th etrack removed. There are people, a digger and a train in the distance.
Track removal in progress


(8 people available for work) 

During the day we reclaimed some of the displaced ballast and fitted the spot resleepering sleepers further west. Most of the effort was directed at reshaping the rails with crow. And laying out more sleepers and rails. Easy to record the crowing activity however it takes far longer to actually do it. Some of the gang also assisted with the hedge laying. Again the weather was very kind.


(10 people available for work)

The gang completed the crowing, joined the track up again. In addition the fixings were installed in the spot resleepered area. I believe some ballast was also spread on the new work. Tamping. During the day the good weather had a final fling.


(6 people available for work)

Lining levelling and tamping and trying to keep dry were the order of the day. The gang hauled ballast as required. They worked hard and completed the tamping of the 5 lengths, the finished work clearly demonstrated the value of all the remedial crowing work.  The weather was very wet at times.

A big thank you to everyone who came along to help, Roelof gets the prize for travelling the farthest all the way from the Netherlands. Thanks are due to all those that support the work in anyway especially the catering dept.

Thanks to Keith Theobald for the update and images.

Outdoor Gang at work