Special Project Appeals

The Talyllyn Railway has a number of special projects ongoing.  Any donation, however small, helps towards meeting our target and we are very grateful for whatever you can spare.

Open Carriages Appeal

Our Open Carriages were built in the 1950’s as a quick and easy way to cater for the increasing numbers of passengers flocking to the Talyllyn Railway.  Since then, riding through the Fathew Valley in an Open Carriage has been an experience enjoyed by passengers young and old, two-legged and four… in all weathers! We are building four new Open Carriages with fully refurbished chassis. On top of which will be added completely new bodies, with a traditional appearance, but with an improved design and materials to reduce the level of maintenance required to maintain them, ensuring they are fit for the future.

At the end of 2018 we rented a industrial unit on a local industrial estate, and have equipped it as a standalone workshop.  Watch for updates.

April 2020:

The structure of the carriage is now complete, now for roof and panels!

Dec 2019:

The first carriage is really taking shape now.  The chassis and four sides are constructed.  We have ordered the curved roof beams.  It is anticipated that the open coach will be fit for traffic by Easter 2020.

Corris Coach No. 17 Restoration Appeal

After nearly 60 years in service on the Talyllyn, the Corris Coach is in need of a major rebuild – the appeal was launched in August 2018 to raise £20,000, the response so far has been wonderful with over £15,000 raised.

April 2020

Stanegate have been making steady progress and the coach is coming back together nicely.  It will be back at some point this summer.


Due to the lack of a Local Workforce available to complete the project, the Corris Coach will now be sent away to Stanegate Restorations, unfortunately this will require more than the original £20,000 due to increased costs.

Please click here to donate via JustGiving …and click here to follow the appeal on Facebook. Thank you for your donation.

December 2019

The contractors have carefully dismantled all of the panels and have exposed all of the main structure to fully assess the scope of work.  We expect a report back soon.

Ty Dwr Appeal – Target £4,000

The Talyllyn Railway is going to restore the original 1865 watering point at Ty Dwr – the appeal was launched in November 2018, the response so far has seen over £365 raised.

Sir Haydn Appeal

Many thanks to all of you who have generously donated over the years.  We are delighted that No.3 ‘Sir Haydn’ is now back at the Railway after being expertly renovated by the Vale of Rheidol works in Aberystwyth. The appeal raised over £130,000 – we are very grateful.  Here it is on it’s first passenger run: