The 75 Appeal

‘Preserving Our Past, Building Our Future’

The 75 Appeal will be officially launched in March 2024 with the aim of raising £500,000 over five years (£100,000 a year) to support our major redevelopment project.

After nearly 75 years since the Talyllyn became the World’s First Preserved Railway it has become clear that in order to ensure the Railway thrives for the next 75 years we need to replace some of our facilities which have become time-expired and/or inadequate, as well as providing improved accomodation and attractions for our passengers. Therefore, we have launched the Preserving our Past, Building Our Future redevelopment the initial development phase of which is being funded by a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The aim of the redevelopment is to provide:

This is an ambitious multi-phase programme to be achieved over a multi-year time period. To help fund this we are planning to submit applications for subtantial grants from the National Lottery as well as other bodies, trusts, etc. Our status as part of a World Heritage Site and also the award of development funding from the National Lottery gives us great confidence that this is achieveable but we need to partly match this from our own resources.

Therefore, we are launching the 75 Appeal to support this vital redevelopment project. As well as one off donations we need regular givers to become part of the ’75 Club’ of regular donors.