Race the Train

Event Details

Runners take the challenge of Tywyn Rotary Clubs’ Race The Train Event, so a special timetable in running, with NO PUBLIC TRAINS before 11.50am.

Click Here to View the Public Timetable.

Race the Train Event is organised by The Rotary Club of Tywyn in aid of their chosen charities. Hundreds of runners take the challenge to beat the train over challenging cross country courses. Race entry forms and tickets for the race and runner/supporters trains are only available from www.racethetrain.com.

In addition to the runners and supporters trains we also run public trains, Click Here to View the Public Timetable. Tickets are available on the day (except larger group bookings).

Any journeys not on these trains must be booked at www.racethetrain.com.

The event is very busy, and the town itself is partially closed off, we would suggest starting your journey in Abergynolwyn on this day! (First train from Abergynolwyn also starts at 11.50)

Event Dates