Our annual autumn Outdoor Week took place after the last week of train service. Here’s a report of the work achieved during the week, despite the bad weather.

Number of People Days = 187

Number of Gang Members = 36

Re-railing and re-sleepering

14-15 lengths relaid between the viewing point and Dolgoch platform

Sorting and the disposal of sleepers from the relaying job

Siding work at Pendre – sourcing the rails, the sleepers and cutting the rails to length

Bridge Maintenance

Meeting about the design for the Brynglas underbridge

Landscape and Formation Maintenance

Leaf blowing to keep the cesses clear

Routine drainage work

Delivering the hedging stakes for the hedge laying gang

Several train loads of vegetation arisings removed from the extension

Line inspection work

Sorting out a drainage issue at Dolgoch in the middle of the relaying task

Moving logs

Wharf Edge

Wharf edge with materials redy to use for repairing the wall.
Wharf edge work


Moving all the slate block for the building work from one end of the site to the other

Further pointing and maintenance work on the slate transhipment wharf wall

Meeting discuss current and future south side work


Drinking tea and coffee

Gang dinner

Evening entertainment

Other tasks

Winterising the station furniture

Pendre – prep work for carriage shed pit covers

Scrapped metal arisings from Outdoor Week

A very big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who assisted in any way during the week to complete the relaying in very poor weather conditions at times.


Some of the 2018 Autumn Outdoor Gang sat in front of a Bagueley.
Some of the 2018 Autumn Outdoor Gang

Photos by Keith Theobald

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